Our Story


Healthy Dining in a Casual Atmosphere

Coral Tree Café was founded by Brentwood residents who wanted a dining experience different than what their neighborhood already had to offer.

Answering an increasing demand for healthy dining in a casual atmosphere, the concept for Coral Tree Café was born. When the ideal location became available Coral Tree Café went from concept to reality. The goal, to provide quality food and a casual ambiance, whether you like sitting inside or in our outdoor patio. When deciding on a name that best represented the restaurant and Brentwood, Coral Tree Café was chosen for its inspiration; the beautiful Coral Trees lining San Vicente Boulevard, located directly across from the restaurant. Coral Tree Café opened its doors in November of 2002 and the response from our customers has been outstanding.


At Coral Tree Café all of our coffees are certified organic, shade grown and fairly traded. Coral Tree Café coffee comes from coffee beans that have been grown under a canopy of shade trees which serves as a natural sun screen and provides a safe and natural habitat for migratory birds and other species.

"Fair trade" provides an alternative trade model that keeps small farmers in business by guaranteeing them a fair price for their coffee. These are important aspects to the sustainability of coffee that is better tasting and socially responsible. This reflects Coral Tree Café's commitment to the delicate ecosystem, our customers' health and fair trade practice.

We hope you enjoy your experience at Coral Tree Café.